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MI Solar won projects of IOCL Baroda with the plant capacity of 550KW & IOCL Paradip, Orissa 4.36MW .  MI Solar is working on projects under Solar Energy Corporation of India in which we are stimulate educational sector: 2MW

Bringing the Light of Solar to the Education Sector

Illuminating the Education Sector with the Power of Solar


It is in the grooming of the young minds of today that will determine the integrity of the nation’s future. These young ones, whose minds and brains are being shaped by their educational institutions, are the ones who will make a difference tomorrow. The foundation of our future lies in their present.

On one hand the education system has seen much revolutionization, however, there are a vast number of schools who still lack basic amenities such as electricity and infrastructure. As a country that epitomizes progress and growth, power is a fundamental amenity that is the right of every student in every part of the country. While conventional power sources may pose economical and infrastructural roadblocks, Solar Power promises a time-tested and well-illuminated path for the education sector.

How solar works for the education sector?

Harnessing the non-conventional solar power energizes the education sector, making it both self-reliant and environment-friendly; as well as creates the possibility to contribute to the economy. For a country like India, Solar PV systems ensure ample and reliable power supply at peak consumption hours for schools at marginal operating costs. Schools benefit not just on saving on their energy bills, but can sell excess energy to local DisCom and thereby create a positive impact on the environment. When institutes that shape young minds set examples of energy efficiency, they are truly securing the country’s tomorrow in every essence.

Benefits of Solar for Schools and Colleges:

  • Most school and college premise have large buildings that are ideal for rooftop solar PV installation. These institutes can have their own solar PV system. This way they can enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills as well as be protected against future energy price rises.

  • Besides reducing their energy bills, a lot of education institutes are now becoming torchbearers of promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. Investing in non-conventional and green energy technology is a huge contributor to the cause. It creates a positive impact in the society at large.

  • For most schools and colleges the primary operations are during the daytime and there are limited activities in the evening. The electricity produced by solar PV is sufficient to take care of all the needs during the day with the excess energy either getting stored in a cell for later use or sold to the power grid.

  • Solar PV System will work as a demonstration for the students, to gain the knowledge about its working and helping them to spread technical awareness in the community towards renewable power resources and its contribution for prevention from global warming.

How Mi Solar can help your school or college #GoSolar

At Mi Solar, we have extensive experience of setting up Solar PV systems in the education sector. We have worked on various projects with schools, colleges and universities across India.  Our team of experts ensures best possible solutions, timely installation, maximum safety and minimal disruption to the students and staff.

We are happy to help your school enjoy the benefits of energy technology and save money on energy bills.

Some of our remarkable projects in the sector have been:

Sr. No. Site Name Location Capacity (kW)
1 Arya College (Old Campus) Jaipur 500
2 Mewar University Chhittorgarh 576
3 M.S University Vadodara 312
4 IIT Gandhinagar Gandhinagar 300
5 Shreenathji Institute Nathdwara 108
6 Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur 120
7 Apex Institute (Sanjay Siksha Samiti) Jaipur 100
8 Bakshi’s Springdales Sr. Sec School Kota 51
9 Baroda High School Vadodara 25

Thus, with improved awareness and increasing policy support for solar energy in India, there is exceptional opportunity for leveraging the power of solar for improving energy efficiency in educational institutions.

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