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3 arguments against solar energy will make you laugh

    3 arguments against solar power that are absurd


Over a billion people around the globe have no access to electricity. That stupendous figure urges to find means to lower that depressing number. 

Another added fact is that majority of these people belong to the developing nations.

That means the hope of getting power is not that easy. As fossil fuels remain the conventional source of power. These nations add a huge debt to their national budget by borrowing fuel from the super powers. 

Thus, the need to cover up their energy requirements seems arduous. 

Though, in the recent times. There is shift towards non-conventional sources of energy generation. This has twisted the power game. 

Now it is no more necessary to allocate the energy needs on coal and gas alone. Instead, the solar power technology does that job well. 

The Sun shines. Does not charge money to do it. And turns up every day without fail. No wonder, this makes it one of the best source of power generation. 

Consider it good luck or plain coincidence. The developing nations of the World get an uninterrupted all year round supply of it.

That makes a solid case to drop everything else in favor of the task to harness Sun’s power to mass lighten the World.

Well, that is what most of us think.

Working for a renewable energy company. One gets exposed to a varying range of thoughts and queries. At times, not all of them are in favor of renewable energy.

The negative ones that I could gather and compile for Solar are as below. I am sure they will make you laugh. Since they do entertain us at Mi Solar.


3 arguments against solar power will make you laugh

1.     Solar panels suck and drain the Sun


I do not know where does this one originate from. Perhaps, it has got to do with the mindset to place the Sun in the category same as water, oxygen, and petroleum. Or, it is some serendipity that no one knows about. 

To find a logical base to this lame argument is out of my realms. Even when I force myself to wear a blond hat. I remain clueless, but I try. 

Like, did someone time travel to the Nordic nations after installing a solar panel on their roof? Or in some unfortunate events did someone go blind the next day after going solar. Did plants around a solar farm die of un-photosynthesis? 

I rest my case. I cannot brainstorm more on this. 

If you have a trivia on this argument. Please let us know about it. This is the most common arguments against solar power that I dodge 99% of times.


2.     What will I do in the night?


Well, in the night you will switch on the lights. 

If you live on-grid. Then, the electricity generated from your PV panels goes straight to the grid. That means it does not go straight to your lamp from the roof. 

In fact, you receive power from the grid, the way you did before installing solar panels. But post solar installations. The iota of your consumed power having electricity sourced from solar increases. 

The grid receives pools of energy from both fossil fuels and renewable power sources. The more the solar installations. The more the chances of your home power having the share of energy generated from Sun. 

It is that simple. 

So, that leaves you with no change in lifestyle or habits. 

You switch on and switch off your electric supplies as usual. That is irrespective of the time of the day and the season of the year.


3.     It is dangerous to be around solar panels


I got a thing to confess. A year back I considered the solar panels harmful too. I thought that the vast blue sheets of solar PV are nothing but electrocution sites. 

As a kid. I would stay away from all types of electrical equipment. I still fear the electric iron, immersion rod and the electric heaters. 

So, my fear for the solar power producing panels stemmed from the skull logo that warned of danger. 

That is why I wondered the existence of huge solar farms in open. 

If few kWs is enough to kill a human being. Why then there is no warning alarm around the park that produces MWs of power. 

In my mind. I pictured them as mass murder sites for birds, wild animals or life in general. 

Now I laugh at myself for being so credulous. My being technically challenged adds to the humor. 

The fact is that solar panels produce harmless power. That is DC or direct current. This is unlike the one that transmits through the electric wires – AC or alternating current. 

Thus, the atmosphere in and around the solar panels is safe. You do not need to worry about kids and pets running around them.


In Conclusion:


It seems obvious for anyone to believe that the energy from Sun works in humankind’s favor. It shines bright almost 365 days. Gives an unending supply of power. And the best part is that its super powers do not show any signs of vanishing. Thus, it makes sense to utilize it for the power needs. 

The data in favor of solar power does not diminish. 

But there is enough evidence to realize that there exists a lot of pessimists and skeptics too. These people always figure out arguments against solar power

From the absurd ones like panels sucking up entire solar rays. Thereby draining the Sun are illogical to the core. 

Though, the ones like receiving an electric shock from the bare panels do show some concerns. Although they are the misinformed ones. 

In relative terms. The argument that is most common one against adopting solar remains the high cost. This concern was true years ago. But with the advancements in the field of technology. This argument is nothing but another wrong information. 

All these anti solar energy arguments in this article are not new to us. Our customer representative team addresses them on a daily basis with our prospects. 

If you or anyone you know is sitting on the fence regarding going green. Then, do share this article with them. 

It will help dispel the misjudged information. It might lessen views opposing renewable energy.

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