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5 interesting and unusual solar energy uses

5 interesting and unusual places where can you find solar energy

Thanks to the position of our planet, you need not worry to know where can you find the solar energy?

Almost every surface of Earth receives the rays of the Sun. Hence, capable of solar energy generation.

Every surface of Earth that receives the Sun rays can generate energy. Click To Tweet

Though this potent source of energy is around for eons. But we humans have now woken up to harness solar power for best purposes.

Since last few decades, the use of solar energy for advancements has picked up the heat. The source of solar energy is a renewable one. Thus, it makes sense to figure out how solar energy is used for best purposes.

Not just for the clean and never-ending supply of energy from the Sun. The solar energy also deserves a boost for the no carbon emission reasoning.

Our age-old dependence on the non-renewable sources of power needs a reality check. As the name suggests, non-renewable sources are not going to last forever. Their reserves are not enough to last everybody’s needs. Also, their usage brings along the serious issue of pollution.

So sooner or later, the shift to solar power is an obvious move. Also, when we consider the environment harmful features of non-renewable sources of power. It then makes sense to embrace solar-powered lifestyle as soon as possible.

Where can you find solar energy generation?


In a practical sense, each surface on the Earth has a potential for solar energy generation. The places where you can find solar energy are not limited to rooftops and solar farms.

There is a whole lot of scope beyond rooftop solar solutions and ground-mounted solar panels.

Below is a list of 5 interesting and unusual examples of solar power that will surprise you.

Solar energy is used for power generation in these interesting and unusual places.


1.     Solar powered Walt Disney amusement park, Epcot

where can you find solar energy in creative forms

Epcot amusement park in Florida acquires 300 acres of land. 11.5 acres out of its premises displays a head-shot silhouette of mickey mouse.

The mickey mouse feature in a Walt Disney land surprises none. The fact that the feature generates up to 5 MW of electricity will surprise many for sure.

48,000 solar panels embed the mouse structure. This is equivalent to rooftop solar solutions on 1000 residential buildings. (an average american household.)

It is a part of the initiative by the park owners to reduce their carbon footprints to 50% by 2020. Besides, the enterprise is also able to meet their exorbitant power needs in a creative way.


2.     Giant flower shaped Solar panels

where can you find solar energy in interesting shapes

It is a ground mounted solar panel shaped like a flower. When installed in a garden or a backyard, it resembles a banana tree.

Though it behaves like the actual sunflower. The petals in the panels system move as per the direction of sunlight.

It consists of dual axes that track the ideal spots to receive the solar rays. This ability increases the power output to a tremendous level.

The structure erects on the ground and is completely transportable. You can clean it with a water hose. Though that might seem like watering an actual plant.

Moreover, its petals withdraw and close during night and cloudy weather conditions. They bloom back when the mighty Sun starts to shine again.

Not sure if there is any other non-living object so close to the actual sunflowers. That is a doubt that will confuse the bumble bees as well.

Every surface of Earth that receives the Sun rays can generate energy. Click To Tweet


3.     Solar camping tents

where can you find solar energy with interesting uses

The ones who backpack at far-flung places know the associated discomforts. Along with the fun of escaping the hustle of city life. There comes the issues of adjusting to the absence of the comforts of the power utility.

With a solar-powered camping tent, one can put such comprises at bay.

Solar tents have solar panels attached to their exteriors. The power then generated can charge power banks, mobiles and low voltage devices.

The best use of solar tents is by the US military to support bases in Afghanistan. This is an example of solar energy helping to reduce dependence on biofuels.


4.     Airports

Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal

Operational expenses to run an airport are huge. Thus the airports all around the globe are making a move towards solar energy.

The available land at airports that lies untapped is ideal for solar projects. An array of ground-mounted solar panels installed on those lands work at most parts of the year to give power.

It is a matter of pride that one of the world’s first solar fueled airports is in India. Other airports in India powered by Sun include Raja Bhoj in Bhopal.

Similar models are waiting to explore and replicate at other places of public transportation. It is a great initiative to become an energy producer and environment saver at the same time.

5.     Solar powered vehicles

where can you find solar energy powered vehicles

Any vehicle if uses the energy of the Sun to run any or all its functions becomes solar powered.

Solar power could serve the supplementary functions of charging communication devices in vehicles.

Installation of Photovoltaic cells, popular as PV, on a vehicle convert rays of the Sun to power.

You must have noticed blue colored PV arrays atop car roofs and deck space of yachts. Those PV panels may not be enough to propel the entire vehicle. Still the functions of charging gadgets is doable.

Current uses of solar energy for running vehicles on solar power is for golf carts. They are convenient to charge with solar powered batteries. Golf carts’ limited speed along with usage facilitates the same.

Cars that run on nothing, but the solar power is not yet a popular option. The limited space on the car roofs for power generation is the limiting factor. But with the advancements in the field, the cost of solar run vehicles will come down.



Do you like these examples that show how solar energy is converted to power in different ways ?

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