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7 outstanding Solar energy applications popular in the world


Solar is the new black. These days it is common to find solar energy applications transforming the World. 

Why would it not be? The Sun shines every day. So, each day brings in new opportunities to use its energy. 

Be it powering the utility. Providing heat to cook food. Or letting the inhabitants of the Earth get a sense of time. 

The power of Sun is inevitable. 

As the list of uses of solar energy in daily life increases. So, our amazement on the abundant power of Sun tends to decrease. 

So, none of us gape at the sight of solar cookers. Or even when someone cooks without a solar cooker. The heat of the Sun being the only factor preparing the food. 

Cooking egg under Sun’s heat


But the following list of solar energy uses and applications will sure surprise you.

Read further to know them.


7 remarkable Solar energy applications in the world


     1.     Solar Powered Pod

Solar Powered Pod. Image Courtesy – Ecocapsule


Ever worried about your lodging options while camping to a remote location? 

Chances are that some outdoor tent gear must have come to your rescue. 

But what if you can carry an entire mini house with you for your next camping trip? 

That is when Ecocapule comes into the picture. 

It is a tiny house that lets you live off-grid. The Solar energy powers it. While a 10 kWh battery keeps a storage backup. 

The capsule has a 27 square foot interior area. That includes a separate space for a desk room, rest place along with a kitchen and bathroom.

The roof of this micro living space has solar panels. Thus, they keep pumping power back to the battery. Thereby, the quota of stored power keeps increasing. 

With a price tag of around 86,000 US dollars. This solar pod is not affordable considering the global purchasing power parity. 

But for its off-grid sustenance capabilities. It does qualify as one of the smartest solar devices available.


     2.     Creating water from air


Solar powered self filling water bottle. Image Courtesy : Fontus


Water is a scarce resource. The practice of fracking and dumping of industrial wastes has further added to the woes.

Therefore, the idea of generating water from thin air sounds impossible. But the invention by an industrial design student has the potential to create water from the air.

The product is an accessory to a bicycle. It collects air in a chamber. Then, with the help of electricity from solar panels. The air cools.

The drop in temperature condenses the moisture in the air. The water is then collected in a separate chamber for drinking purposes.

With a price tag between 25 – 40 USD. The product is perfect for places that have groundwater issues. But it may not work for polluted regions. As it lacks an advanced filter. Though its basic filter does not allow dust and bugs to pass through.


Inside of a self filling water bottle. Image Courtesy : Fontus




     3.     Solar powered airplane


Solar Powered Airplane – Source: Youtube of Solar Impulse


Fueled by the inexhaustible source of Solar power. The plane Solar Impulse 2 flew for more than 23 days. 

Its sortie began from Muscat. From there it followed the path towards the North Atlantic and then back to Muscat. While covering Asia and North Pacific in-between. 

More than 17,000 solar cells power Solar Impulse 2. That is how the carbon emissions from the plane are almost zilch. 

Its usual speed is 30 mph. Though the shining Sun has a positive influence on its speed. 

Inventions like Solar Impulse 2 raise the bar on the importance of renewable energy to an all-time high. 


     4.     Solar powered DIY House – Koda


Koda – Solar Powered House. Image Courtesy : Kodasema


It is difficult to take eyes off this beautiful house. All though it seems small. But this 25 square meters abode has everything that a minimalist abode requires. That includes a mini-sized bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen. 

Solar panels on the roof power the house. Thus, it makes living off-grid possible. 

It comes in Ikea style dismantling features. Thereby making the option to drift to any location of your choice feasible. 

The house also has advanced upgrading options. That includes attaching another unit for more space. Also water and sewage assemblages for staying at a place for extended periods. 


     5.     Solar powered wearable

Solar backpack. Image Courtesy : Instagram of Birksun


When designers like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger flaunt their solar-powered creations. Then, you know that application of solar energy in daily life has reached an all time creative high. 

Solar couture proves that solar panels work beyond technology and architecture too. 

The options for wearable gears powered with solar is wide. The list includes and is not limited to the following:

    • T-shirts 
    • Swimwear 
    • Jackets 
    • Eyewear 
    • Designer dresses 
    • Backpacks and totes


These wearable and accessories look chic. But also create enough power to charge your phone. That is a path-breaking attempt towards fashion that scores high on its utility.


     6.     Solar agriculture farm on the surface of Sea


Solar Powered Smart Floating Farms. Image Source : Forward Thinking Architecture


Climate change adds to the existing issues of the expanding population. If we trust the hypothesis by the World Bank. The existing food reserves will end in next 40-50 years. 

Thus, now is the best time to invest every resource available into food. 

Come to think of it. If there is nothing left to eat. Then, there is nothing left to live as well. 

That implies that now is the best time to have more of Smart Floating Farms (SFF) concept. SFF is a large solar powered farm that floats on a large body of water. 

Oceans are perfect for these agricultural farms. As they provide a vast area that gets uninterrupted rays of the Sun. 

These farms provide a solution for the current agricultural issues. The prominent being the high costs of transportation and cold storage units. 

Thereby it brings solutions to perennial issues of overcrowding and water scarcity. 


     7.     An entire pathway made from solar panels


Wattway – Solar Powered Roadway in Normandy. Image Source : Wattaway By Colas


The mention of Normandy brings in the recollections of D-Day landings of World War II. But today, the region is popular for embracing peaceful solar panels over a 1 km path on a highway. 

The road is termed Wattway. Its path has solar panels spread on a 2,800 metre square area. The power generated can light the street lights in the area that has over 4o00 inhabitants. 

Other nations with a similar setup include Netherlands. It has a 70 km stretch of a solarised bikeway. 

Europe has much lower levels of sunshine as compared to Asia. But still, they invested in solar energy applications for mass use. Indeed what-a-way.


In Conclusion:


The energy of the Sun is immense. In its absence. The entire life processes will halt. 

Mankind is in luck to have such a powerful resource at their disposal for free. 

Thus, the onus to use its power lies in the hands of mankind too. 

No wonder that today solar energy applications have penetrated much beyond illuminating households. 

From wearables that create power. To generating a mass agriculture site on the wide area of oceans. The Sun’s power to empower never diminishes.

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