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MI Solar won projects of IOCL Baroda with the plant capacity of 550KW & IOCL Paradip, Orissa 4.36MW .  MI Solar is working on projects under Solar Energy Corporation of India in which we are stimulate educational sector: 2MW
Solar Energy

IOCL- Powering ahead with Solar

Development is to grow and prosper but, it was never meant to be at the cost of our planet and its well-being. Excessive and abusive use of energy resources has put them on the verge of extinction, leaving our futures in haze and planet in danger.  But it’s time!

The world is finally moving towards sustainability by adopting various renewable energy solutions with Solar power being one of the most sought after resource. Solar Power is proven to be one of the most convenient alternative in terms of both, utility & maintenance and cost. Solar Power is quickly adopted across households and industries across the globe, further contributing to the aim of sustainability.

While in India, the government declared its mission to solarize all government building and further achieve a target of 100GW Solar capacity by 2022. In wake of the government mandate, several manufacturing plants, industries, offices and even homes made a swift shift to Solar energy. While we worked across diverse verticals: from airports, educational institutes, hotels to industries, IOCL- the Petrochemical giant  was a wonder to work for considering their scale of requirement.

IOCL Profile: Indian Oil Corporation Limited is a state driven Petrochemical giant with multitude energy verticals. It is the largest commercial oil company in India.

Requirement: Installation of 550 kW Solar plant to reduce the consumption of Natural Gas in its Gas based Captive Power Plant, reducing the carbon footprint.

Execution: With a skilled and experienced team of engineers, the 550 kW Solar plant was installed on the existing roofs and sheds of the Admin Building area and Main Car Parking.

Result:  IOCL is now generating approx. 2200 units of electricity through Solar Energy on a daily basis with lesser cost, lesser carbon footprint, and lesser space utilization.

IOCL is just one amongst the millions to go Solar for their energy requirement. As a responsible corporate citizen, this was the wisest decision taken towards sustainability, enabling better management of energy resources and their optimum utilization.


At Mi Solar, we offer effective Solar Solutions that suit your need and budget. Be it your home, office or factory, we cater them all. Our team of engineers efficiently plan, design and execute the project with complete accuracy. Right from procurement of the material to its final lay down, every process is carefully monitored to offer you the best for the rest of your life.


Now, it’s time to SAVE.

Save Energy.  Save Money. Save Planet.

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