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Why Is Going Solar Best In Winters?


Let’s face it, most of us know that India has tropical weather which invites sweltering summers, as well as the higher power bills. It’s easy to invest the capital on incorporating solar solutions when the utility bills drop, but most people don’t realise this fact that solar panel installation companies in the colder season offer the best opportunity for summer savings.

Here are some reasons why making the switch gears solar in the cold months of December and January is the best gift that you can give it to yourself.

Going solar doesn’t happen overnight

Once you decide to go solar, you need to contact solar system installation companies to get the quotations. After finalising the installer, it can take week time to design the perfect system for your industry, secure financing, and ultimately complete the installation and commissioning with your local utility.

Furthermore, if you are going for the roof-mounted solar system, then it is a must that your roof is in good condition. During the inspection, if there are any issues, then corrective action should be taken immediately so that your solar system installation can be executed correctly.

Solar installers love working in the winter

When the temperatures start to elevate, so does the rush of solar solution installation. The high seasonal demand means that the solar panel installation companies will get busier as the companies wants to get tax benefited before financial year ends.

Putting the foundations early also means that you’ll have plenty of time to evaluate proposals from multiple solar system installation companies. Since going solar begins with a relationship that can last for decades, give yourself plenty of time to make the best choice.

Go efficient during winters

Believe it or not, colder months are a great time for solar installation to get the best out of them. The days during winter may be shorter, but cooler weather is the best friend of solar panels as they become more efficient in turning sunshine into electricity.

Not to bore you with too many technicalities of MI Solar, but colder weather means less resistance in your solar panels, which are, after all, semiconductors. Tendering sunny, cold days produce the most energy per hour. No doubt that the overall energy production is less in winter just because the days are shorter.

Quick Fact: Most homes consume around 11,000 kilowatt-hours of energy each year, meaning that to power your entire house off the grid, you’d need upwards of 30 250-watt solar panels that get an average of four hours of full sunlight.
(Change to Industry as we are not working in residential sector)

People have this big misconception that solar works effectively during scorching summer days. But in reality, too much heat is the enemy of solar install solar panels on production. As solar panels get hotter, they produce less electricity from the same amount of sunlight.

An explanation suggests that as the temperature in a conduction material elevates, photons get excited and move throughout the material, hindering the uniform movement of electrons. Such hindrance reduces the efficiency in photovoltaic cells when it gets too hot.

Incentives can decrease or disappear

If you’re going solar, you shouldn’t wait until the spring to start contacting solar panel installation companies to begin the process. As solar energy is gaining popularity, many states and municipalities are reducing their solar incentives.

Quick Fact: Solar power can significantly reduce the electricity bills. Moreover, there are many tax incentives and rebate programs designed to enhance the utilisation of solar to and save homeowners money at the same time.

Some utilities are also modifying the way they compensate new solar plant owners for their excess solar power. Since it takes a few months to install a solar energy system, getting a head start by shopping in the winter season will make sure that you get in the queue before next summer’s crowded bandwagon.

Maximise net metering

If your utility district supports net metering, then you’ll find a significant advantage as you are eligible for receiving a more financial return by installing a solar system. Net metering provides you for receiving credit for any excess electricity you send back into the utility grid. You can utilise these credits during next month to further reduce your electricity bills or getting compensated by APPC rate.

Quick Fact: To power the entire earth on renewable energy, we require over 191,000 square miles to install solar panels. Considering the stats that there are over 57 million square miles of land on earth, we have room to spare.

Your best chance to reserve these credits is when your AC system is turned off, so going solar in the winter will maximise the overproduction time frame and savings potential. Moreover, you may end up buying fewer panels, since the energy credits from the cooler seasons will help you cover the higher energy consumption in the summer.

If you are looking for the best solar solutions, then you have to contact MI Solar. They are one of the best solar panel installation companies in India which provide optimum solutions for your energy requirements. They have more than 600 happy clients from different sectors like hospitals, industries, household, hospitality, etc. Stop waiting for summer and contact MI Solar this winter to get the best solar solution.

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