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Remarkable ways solar panels for hospitals are helpful

Hospitals require a constant supply of electricity. That is due to the critical needs of the sector they operate in. Hence, solar panels for hospitals prove a remarkable solution. 

Solar panels ensure that their power never goes off. Hence, they lay a strong emphasis on power backups. That is how they keep their operations continuous.

In such a scenario, installation of solar panels for hospitals makes a sound business sense.

Why solar panels for hospitals

Hospitals run various life-saving energy equipment that run on a critical basis. They also have surgical equipment that run on a regular time frame.

In addition, there are basic equipment that run on electricity as a utility. The brief list includes fans, lights, air conditioners and refrigeration units.

A discontinuation of power can disrupt these services. Thus, the hospitals make use of native generators for the power backup. It proves immense help for them in times of power cuts and load sheds.

Irrespective of the cons that these generators have. The pros of a constant power back up is of profound help for the hospitals.

Fossil fuels like diesel powers these generators. They occupy a huge space and are inexpensive for sure. Not to mention the amount of pollution they create with their fumes.

But when we consider the 24×7 support of power they provide. All the drawbacks take a back-seat.

But what if one could enjoy all the power back-up resources minus the negatives?

That happens when we have solar panels for hospitals to generate power.

How Solar PV installation empowers hospitals

The technical term of the solar panels installed on a rooftop is the solar PV installation. The PV stands for Photovoltaic. These 
solar pv systems provide a great alternative to regular sources of electricity backup. Be it the inverters or the diesel fueled generators. In fact, they are as effective a direct source of electricity as the one supplied by the grid.  

Further, the following reasons make the solar panels for hospitals an ideal  move forward.

1.     A reliable source of power generation

The installation of solar panels brings in uninterrupted source of power. This takes care of the times when there is load shedding.   

In such times, the hospital can switch to the energy generated through Sun. Thereby, the supply of energy comes uninterrupted.

2.     Cost effective means to create power

Rooftop solar panels meet the energy requirements in an inexpensive way. They fulfill power at reduced rates vis-a-vis conventional resources. Moreover, these rates do not increase year on year, unlike the native electricity.

3.     Noise and air pollution free

Solar power pv systems do not create disruption to the existing set-up. They do not have any moving parts. Along with that absence of smoke and fumes. Both these factors prove favorable. More so for the healthcare sector.

Besides, a hospital does not require additional infrastructure adjustment to dispel the fumes. As the case is with diesel generators.

4.     Efficient means of energy generation

As long as there is Sun. It guarantees its energy. Hence, it makes a wise business decision to use it for the energy generation purposes.

Except of course for the days when there are clouds. Rest all the other days receive an uninterrupted supply of electricity through it.

5.     Freedom from buying Diesel

Hospitals need a constant electricity backup. For the same they rely on generators. Generators need diesel to run.

Generators are a fossil fuel. Hence, their price is always on a rise.

With the switch to pv panels to generate electricity. The dependence on diesel run generators becomes a lot less.

In Conclusion :

The means to generate electricity on your own is in itself interesting. The fact that you can do it on your roof itself sounds too good.

The concept to use solar panels to generate electricity is an innovative one. Yet, the world has not yet warmed up to the idea to use Sun’s warmth for power. Thus, solar panels for hospitals finds limited users.

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Though there are many hospitals in the world that have pioneered this concept.

In the recent times, few hospitals in India adopted this technology. For them it proved a great means to lower their energy expenditure. With that a major portion of their operational costs became predictable. Hence, easy to deal and manage.

As in the healthcare sector, energy expenses lay strong impact on bottom line. So, with the decision to go solar. They get to lower the expenses, thereby improving the revenues.

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