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How To Make Guaranteed Benefits From Gujarat Solar Policy

Gujarat Solar Policy

How To Make Guaranteed Benefits From Gujarat Solar Policy


To achieve the vision of making the country energy independent. Mr. Piyush Goyal is on a mission to achieve 1 GW of grid-connected solar power by 2022. 

Few central agencies help attain this target through the following measures:

  • Implementation of long-term policies at both central and state levels
  • Investments in research and development
  • Domestic production of raw materials, components, and products


Along with the policies at the center. Individual state policies help towards achieving the energy goals in a holistic sense. 

Due to that, some states have seen success with their solar installation goals. 

Top 3 states in the country with highest solar power project installations include:

  • Rajasthan
  • Gujarat
  • Madhya Pradesh 

The list is in descending order of the solar projects installation in MW for the year 2016. 

The topography of Rajasthan is conducive for solar projects. Its irradiation levels are favorable to the amounts of unused lands. Thus, those factors helped the state to top the list. 

Though, Gujarat ranks second for the past year. But the state topped for the year 2015. 

Along with natural factors working in its favor. The Gujarat solar policy also played a huge role in the state’s success in the solar mission. 

Achievements of Gujarat Solar policy

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How to benefit from subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat

subsidy for solar energy in gujarat

How to benefit from subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat

The current demonetization wave has left everyone in a haze. Each of us is on a lookout for best options to save and invest money. What if there was an option to save as well as add value to our existing capital assets. Does that sounds unbelievable? But with the subsidy for Solar energy in Gujarat. Savings and asset value enhancement at the same time is possible.

Why subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat?


Under the government’s Jawahar Lal Nehru National Solar Mission. The goal is to bring in the nation’s grid connected solar installations to 1 Lakh MW by the year 2022.

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